Quick Restaurant Guide - South America

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La Bourgogne (in Alvear Palace Hotel)X5Buenos Aires, AregentinaAv Alvear 1891, Buenos Aires C1129AAA Argentina54 11 4805-3857French$$$$Without question one of the finest restaurants in the world.
La Bourgogne is located in the the Alvear Palace Hotel which is listed in the book of "1,000 Places to See Before You Die".
It is spectacular!
The restaurant is on the lower level of the hotel, is easily accessible by elevator and is exceptionally spacious.
WARNING: Entrance to the hotel is with a small hydraulic lift or 2 ramps at the entrance on Avenue Alvear. The doormen are well trained on using the hydraulic lift (which is what I used).
The food, the presentation and service is unparalled anywhere  in the world.
The hotel, restaurant and restrooms have beautiful marble floors making wheelchair access a bit easier.
The restroom is huge (probably 40 sq. ft. of accessible space) and totally wheelchair accessible.  
La Bourgogne is one of my Favorite restaurants, not just in Buenos Aires, but the world. You will love the Alvear Palace and La Bourgogne!
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L'Etoile (Sheraton LeBlon)X5Rio de Janeiro, BrazilAvenida Niemeyer 121 Vigesimo Sexto Andar Vidigal Rio de Janeiro Brazil55 21 2529 2299French$$$$Wonderful French restaurant atop the Sheraton Hotel in LeBlon area that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean and Ipanema Beach.
Easy ramp for hotel entry and large elevator to the 26th floor - no steps.
The entire restaurant is very spacious with all tables wheelchair accessible.
The large wheelchair accessible restroom is located on the hotel lobby floor.
For our farewell dinner in Rio we had a fabulous meal prepared by one of Rio's finest chefs.
L'Etoile certainly deserves it's reputation as one of Rio's best restaurants. It's also one of the most wheelchair accessible!
Magnificient views!
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Nolita LastarriaX4Santiago, ChiliJose Victorino Lastarria 70, Santiago, Chile CL56-2-26384574Continental$$$Fun neighborhood restaurant in beautiful Lastarria area.
Wheelchair accessible restroom.
No steps at entrance or inside restaurant.
Reasonably spacious seating. Virtully all tables wheelchair accessible.
We had a delicious pasta dinner with nice wine and sat outside on patio.
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El GaleonX3Santiago, ChiliCalle San Pablo 943 26 Santiago CL56-2-26964258Seafood$$$$The Central Market (which is a big fish market) is a must see in Santiago.
El Galeon is perhaps the best restaurant at the market and considered the most expensive.
1 step at entrance but they are expert at helping.
The regular toilets are upstairs but there's a fully accessible toilet off the employee work area - just ask.
There are no other accessible toilets in the market.
Food and service were very good.
We had a great seafood lunch with Chliian wine.
Although there is a step at the entrance, I rated this a WJAR 3 since it's the most accessible restaurant in the area.
We loved it!
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Santa BrasaX3Vina Del Mar, ChiliAve San Martin 199, V Region, Vina Del Mar, CL56-32-2846233Continental, Dry Aged Beef$$$Restaurant is located in beautiful Enjoy Vina Del Mar Casino and Resort.
Located directly on the Chilean coast about a hour and a half west of Santiago and just 15 minutes north of Valpariso.
And it is spectacular.
The resort has 2 excellent accessible restaurants with SantaBrasa being the most accessible and with great ocean views.
Take the elevator to the 2nd floor.
The  accessible restroom is located in the casino lobby on the 1st floor. The restroom itself is huge but is not ADA compliant as you can't close the stall door, but the stall width was marginally accessible (about 28 inches).
English speaking waiters.
We had a wonderful dinner with views overlooking the Pacific Ocean. I'd come back anytime.
Wonderful drinks, wine and food. Highly recommended!
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Tierra De FuegoX3Vina Del Mar, Chili8 Norte 65 Playa Acapulco, Vina Del Mar, CL56-32-299 39 76Continental$$$If you get to Vina Del Mar, you must stop at this spectacular waterfront restaurant.
It's relatively casual and is located directly on the ocean between the sandy beach and boardwalk.
There is one small step at the entrance.
The upstairs dining is up many stairs.
But the main dining on the 1st floor is very spacious and accessible. The outdoor patio is also accessible although there's a small 2 inch step going onto the patio deck.
The nice sized wheelchair accessible restroom is cleverly located behind the restaurant's long wine showcase (just ask the staff).
We loved this place which was a short level walk (roll) from the Enjoy Vina del Mar Resort.
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PellicerX3Montavideo, UruguayJose L Terra 2220 Local 100, Montevideo, Argentina22-03-2195Uruguayan BBQ$$Located in the popular but very local Montevideo Agricultural Market (MAM).
We stopped and had a Uruguayan BBQ luncheon feast at Pellicer and loved it!
The tables are a bit tight but I easily navigated to a table.
It was fully wheelchair accessible including a large accessible restroom about 50 feet away in the market.
Very level area and plenty of accessible parking. Be sure to try the Uruguayan BBQ meat specialties. Great flavor!
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Capriani (Copacabana Palce Hotel)x3Rio de Janeiro, BrazilAv. Atlântica, 1702 - Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 22021-001, Brazil55 21 2548-7070Italian$$$$This excellent Italian restaurant is located in the world famous Copacabana Palace Hotel over looking the hotel's beautiful pool.
I'd certainly recommend a visit to the hotel and restaurant because they are spectacular historic landmarks and absolutely beautiful.
They have gone to great lengths (and expense) to make both the hotel and restaurant fully wheelchair accessible including large accessible restrooms.
However to navigate from the front hotel entrance on Atlantic Avenue to the Cipriana dining room, there are 3-4 small hydraulic lifts - all modern and well maintained without the need for special keys for operation. The hotel had someone lead the way throughout which was quite helpful. I would have had a difficult time by myself navigating the maze of hallways.
That said, the food, service and ambience cannot be beat!
The entire staff is extremely gracious and well trained in providing complete assistance to wheelchair travelers. 
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Casa Lastarria2Santiago, ChiliLastarria 70, Santiago CL56-2-26383236Continental$$$Fun neighborhood restaurant in beautiful Lastarria area.
No wheelchair accessible restroom.
No steps at entrance or inside restaurant.
Reasonably spacious seating. Virtully all tables wheelchair accessible.
The Nolita restaurant directly across the walkway has an accessible restroom.
We sat outside on the patio and had a great lunch here with some delicious Chilean wine.
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Adano Maximiliano Carlos2Puerto Madryn, ArgentinaBrown 1980 Restaurante Puerto Madryn ARGContinental$$Located on the oceanfront about a mile from the Puerto Madryn cruise pier.  
What a spectacular setting!
This is a local familiy owned restaurant and we enjoyed a beer and the best seaport food of the trip.
Although the Adano Maximiliano doesn't have a wheelchair accessible restroom, several restaurants in this area provided wheelchair accessible restrooms.
There is also a new very large public wheelchair accessible restroom nearby (fee charged).
The walk back to the cruise ship is a very level oceanfront sidewalk with a few arts and crafts if you want a local souvenir. There were no hills, a few gravelly spots but really quite a nice stroll. And the oceanfront scenery and port were absolutely beautiful!
PiegariX2Buenos Aires, AregentinaPosadas 1042, C1011ABB CABA, Argentina+54 11 4326-9430Italian$$$Excellent Italian restaurant in Recolete area. Great food and service.
Very spacious seating throughout the restaurant.
WARNING: No wheelchair accessible restroom.
3 steps down to small bar area.
We had a wonderfull dinner.
WARNING: there's a somewhat steep hill coming down to the restaurant from Arroyo and Alvear.
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Churrascaria PalaceX1Rio de Janeiro, BrazilR. Rodolfo Dantas, 16 - Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 22020-040, Brazil+55 21 2541-5898Brazilian$$$This is classic Brazilian steakhouse which has been operating for 60 years, and it's certainly touristy.
It's located around the corner from the famous Copacabana Palace Hotel, thus the name Palace Restaurant.
Buffet for your salad then waiters bring around a series of never ending meat offerings on screwers including at least 30 types of meat.
The entrance is very accessible, no steps.
There are many tables and although the tables are not very spacious,  I was able to navigate the tables and buffet.
WARNING:The restrooms here (men and women's) are simply not accessible. There are 6 steps at the restroom entrance. The men's urinal is very high and the stalls doors are far to narrow for any type wheelchair to enter.
So if you want a good Brazilian lunch or dinner and good food, the Churrascaria Palace Restaurant is an excellent choice. but don't plan on using the restrooms.
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Skylab (Othon Palace Hotel)X1Rio de Janeiro, BrazilAv. Atlântica, 3264 - Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 22070-001, Brazil55 21 2106-1666Continental$$$$This restaurant sits atop the Othon Hotel on Copababana Beach overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.
WARNING: There are several steps into the restaurant.
When I called to make a reservation I inquired about accessibility and was told (i) there were 2-3 steps and (ii) even if I made it up the steps there were no available wheelchair accessible window tables (only mid-restaurant non-view tables).
So I declined and suggest you too avoid the Skylab restaurant.
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