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17 June

A SMALL VICTORY! Unbelievable but the Dept of Transportation agreed with my 2 complaints against United Airlines on my flight to Chicago in October 2015. They found United in violation of the Air Carrier Access Act! Click below for the DOT written response citing United in violation of the ACAA on 2 counts. It provides […]

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01 June

United Airlines DREAMLINER Lavatory NOT ACCESSIBLE Filed with United Airlines and Department of Transportation MY RECENT FLIGHT: On February 10, 2016 I traveled on United Airlines (“United”) Flight 128 on a dual aisle Boeing 789 (Dreamliner) from Rio de Janeiro (GIG) to Houston, TX (Geo Bush International) (seat 3A). The aircraft’s accessible lavatory and On-board Wheelchair […]

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16 December

United Airlines Complaint Filed November 5, 2015 Original Picture Exhibits A-K Enclosed Original Picture Exhibits A-K Copies Attached Exhibit K: Videos and other Date Stamps Available Upon Request MY RECENT FLIGHT: On October 22, 2015 I traveled on United Airlines (“United”) Flight 278 on a single aisle A320 from Seattle (SeaTac) to Chicago, IL (Chicago […]

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