Know exactly which Oregon Coast hotels and restaurants are accessible for persons in wheelchairs! And see my recommendation below for coverage of many destinations in Oregon including the Portland area. is working to improve travel-related accessibility standards for persons in wheelchairs.  Looking beyond outdated ADA standards, our WJAR ratings provide accurate insight on which properties make travel and entertainment more comfortable and enjoyable for wheelchair-bound consumers.

ACTIVITIES: We spent several days in Seaside with the family and grand children in August 2017 and had an absolutely great time. Seaside has many fun family activities including surrey rides from Wheels Fun Rentals, bumper cars, paddle boat rentals and the huge Funland Seaside Arcade. The Aquarium located on the Seaside Promenade is wheelchair accessible and a great place for kids to see and touch animal life. We also took an hour drive south to the Tillamook Cheese Factory Visitor Center. The place was jammed but very disappointing - basically a giant gift store selling cheese and ice cream cones with no tour. There's a heavy gravel parking lot and only 2 handicapped parking spaces which were both taken. They're building a new visitor center but it'll probably just be a bigger gift shop. Not worth the effort. But Seaside and Cannon Beach are magnificent and tons of fun!

If you're traveling to Portland, Oregon or Southwest Washington near Vancouver, I recommend you check out Accessible Travel PNW, a website and blog that provides many travel tips, destinations and things-to-do in the area of the Pacific Northwest.

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