There are a variety of very wheelchair friendly transportation options in and around Orlando. Whether you are looking to visit city attractions, resorts, Disney World, Universal Orlando or tour one of the many local landmarks - you're guaranteed an accessible, comfortable transportation experience. Below you will find the information you need to make Orlando easily accessible including accessibility information on Disney World and Universal Orlando.

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LYNX: Central Florida Regional Transportation Authority. LYNX is a regional public transportation provider, offering service to business, tourist and neighborhood destinations in Orange, Osceola and Seminole counties.

ACCESS LYNX: Door-to-door paratransit van service for qualified individuals who cannot access other modes of transportation

455 N. Garland Ave Orlando, FL 32801
Phone LYNX: (407) 841-5969
Phone ACCESS LYNX: 407-423-8747 (Option 6)
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Visit ACCESS LYNX Website

Jim's Comments:

All of the over 500 LYNX metro buses are wheelchair accessible. If you're headed to either Disney World or Universal Orlando, there are wheelchair accessible buses from the airport. A bus transfer (only 1 transfer) is required to reach either destination.
ACCESS LYNX is a shared ride door-to-door transportation service provided by MV Transportation under the supervision of LYNX. The ACCESS LYNX program provides complementary service for eligible individuals who are not able to use the regular fixed route bus service because of a disability or other limitations. Individuals who are interested in using ACCESS LYNX paratransit services must apply through a mail-in application process. Customers that are ADA eligible with another transit provider may use ACCESS LYNX by providing documentation of their eligibility status prior to needing to travel.

Mears Shuttle Van Service
Mears Taxi Service

324 West Gore Street Orlando, FL 32806
Phone Shuttle: (407) 423-5566
Phone Taxi: (407) 422-2222
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UCF Rosen College Student Accessibility Comments:

Mears transportation is a great company to contact if you need accessible transportation in Orlando. It operates approximately 150 wheelchair-accessible motor coaches, transit buses and trolleys and approximately 35 wheelchair-accessible taxis. It operates over 600 taxicabs servicing the greater Orlando area. It owns Yellow Cab, Checker Cab and City Cab. Mears is able to travel to many destinations in Orlando and other nearby areas. It is very convenient for travelers arriving at the Orlando International Airport, as the company has desks located on the ground floor of each terminal. Reservations are not required, but you are able to do so if you please. When making your reservation or upon arrival, you will need to let the representative know that you will need an accessible vehicle for your trip. The Mears vehicles are equipped with seat belts and restraints to safely secure the wheelchair in place; they also have lifts and ramps for you to easily get into the vehicle.

If you are requesting a shuttle from a hotel to the airport you must make a reservation 24 hours in advance.

Fare Estimate: The fare depends on the distance. Example: The cost for a Mears taxi to the hotels at Universal Studios will be between $50 and $60 depending on traffic. The cost (per person) on a shuttle would be $21 one way or $33 roundtrip for adults; it would be $16 one way or $25 roundtrip for children ages 4-11. You are able to call or
check online to get the exact fare for your destination.

The Mears transportation shuttles and taxis are very accessible and easy to use. The company has desks located on the ground floor of both terminals at the Orlando International Airport (MCO), with many signs throughout the area to guide you. Once you arrive the representative at the desk will be able to quickly arrange transportation for you. If you need to arrange transportation from a hotel you may call (407) 423-5566 or possibly speak with the concierge to have them pick you up.

When scheduling a trip with Mears Transportation you should account for a few extra minutes, or longer for the shuttle, to get into the vehicle with your wheelchair. For the shuttle, the driver will operate the lift as well as secure your wheelchair into place. It will take a few minutes for the driver to attach all of the seat belts and secure the chair, but it is definitely worth it for the safe ride and great service.

SunRail / Winter Park Station:

Central Florida’s commuter rail line represents an exciting new travel choice for residents and visitors. The first phase opened on May 1, 2014 and connects twelve SunRail stations through three different counties.

Located near the intersection of Morse Boulevard and Park Avenue, the charming Winter Park station fronts historic Central Park and the city’s fabled Park Avenue shopping and dining district.

148 W. Morse Blvd., Winter Park, FL 32789
Phone SunRail: (855) 724-5411
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UCF Rosen College Student Accessibility Comments:

The SunRail trains are designed to be ADA friendly. The trains each have a lift that is 30" wide by 48" long. Every train also has a conductor watching to assist in the loading process. There are flip up seats to make room for wheelchairs . Restrooms on trains have grab bars, sinks have lower sinks with levers to operate. Website includes information on all ADA areas. Very accessible.

Every train that arrives is accessible. ADA Trains are always available. The only thing that would need to be made in advance is the connection vehicle to the next location (i.e. the airport). You can take a LYNX bus route or get an Uber, Lyft, or Mears for connections from any location.

Estimated Fares: One way fares run from $1 to $4 depending on the number of zones traveled through. Round trip fares frun from $1.75 to $7.50 depending on the number of zones traveled through. SunCards are available (7 days varies from $17 to $34, 30 days varies from $56 to $112, 1 year varies from $560 to $1120). Reduced fairs apply with age range and disabilities certified by LYNX or Votran or with valid Medicare card.

For someone traveling with ADA-compliant needs, the SunRail is highly recommended. Travel is easy and there is a conductor at every station to help you board the train. Each station has easy to access platforms that do not require much effort. If any help is needed a conductor will assist.

Walt Disney World

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Mobility Disability Link

Many of the transportation systems at the Walt Disney World Resort are accessible to Guests with disabilities. All bus routes are serviced by buses which are equipped to accommodate various types of wheelchairs within the following guidelines: The wheelchair must fit the wheelchair lift without being forced (some motorized chairs and electric convenience vehicles (ECVs) are too wide or too long for the standard bus lift of 32" x 48"), and the wheelchair must be securely fastened in the wheelchair restraints.

Disney has done an excellent job on it's website outlining all accessibility aspects (click link above) including detailing which rides are wheelchair accessible and which rides you must transfer from your wheelchair into the ride.

Universal Orlando

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Universal Orlando Accessibility Information
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The entire Universal Orlando Resort transportation system is also disabled-accessible. Water taxis have roll-on ramps for easy boarding, and bus routes are served by vehicles with wheelchair lifts that can accommodate all but the largest motorized scooters.

Universal has done an excellent job on it's website outlining all accessibility aspects (click link above) including detailing which rides are wheelchair accessible and which rides you must transfer from your wheelchair into the ride. Also visit the Touring Plans website (click on link above) for more information.

Orlando Taxis

Diamond Cab Company
Phone: 407-523-3333 | Visit Website
Yellow Cab Co
Phone: (407) 900-5207 | Visit Website
Holiday Transport
Phone: 407 574-5560

Jim's Comments:

Diamond Taxi only has a few wheelchair accessible vehicles and they suggest you call a day in advance to schedule a ride. Yellow Cab is owned by Mears (see above comments). Holiday Transport has NO ACCESSIBLE vehicles.


1400 Sligh Blvd, Orlando, FL 32806
(800) 872-7245
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Jim's Comments:

Amtrak is essentially owned and operated by the U.S. Government. It is very aware of ADA regulations and is quite accommodating of wheelchairs. Seating for wheelchairs is limited so call in advance and inform Amtrak of any special needs. Seating is on the lower level on specific railway cars equipped with fully ADA compliant restrooms.

  • Certain cars are also equipped for overnight wheelchair passenger sleeping. There is a small separate room which includes an accessible bathroom.
  • All trains are accessible from the loading platform by a removable ramp which the conductor puts in place for wheelchair passengers.
  • Dining and lounge areas are on the second level and are not generally accessible. Conductors, however, are available to bring food and beverages to passengers requiring assistance.

NOTE: Joel K. in Orlando stated my info was slightly inaccurate. He posted "Amtrak trains in the eastern U.S. use single level Viewliner equipment. Stations have low-level platforms. Cars are accessible, but not by a ramp. They use a wheeled hand-cranked lift to raise the chair up to the door level. Dining cars are on the same level as the handicapped bedroom and coach wheelchair space, but I don't know whether the corridors and the passages between cars are wide enough for a full size wheelchair to navigate. As you stated, sleeping car attendants will deliver food to the handicapped bedroom. I don't have experience with traveling in coach class.

Accessible Van Rentals

Jim's Comments:

Accessible van rentals are expensive and cost $100-$150 per day plus mileage. Many charge an additional $50-$100 for delivery and pick-up services. Some rental companies will not add hand controls or provide transfer/swivel seats, preferring to rent to able bodied persons who drive persons confined to wheelchairs.

Mobility Works
Phone: 877-275-4907 |  Website

Wheelers Accessible Van Rentals
Phone: 800-456-1371 |  Website

Discount Mobility USA
Phone: 407-438-8010 |  Website

Wheelchair Vans of Florida                                                                                  Phone 407-751-4158  Website