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UCF Rosen College of Hospitality Management: Student Accessibility Comments

Urban Hibachi provides a unique experience for guests who enjoy Hibachi dining. Urban mixes fast casual dining with the hibachi experience, while the chefs do not prepare the food at your table, you can still view it on the open top grill by the bar. The service is fast and the price range is a great alternative to the costly hibachi experience. The food quality is also equal to if not better to traditional hibachi. The entrance is one step above street level, however there is a very convenient ramp about 10 feet from the entrance. The parking spots have very close proximity to the front door making it a very short trip. The walkways in the entire restaurant are extremely wide and spacious, making it a very smooth trip no matter where you are headed, whether it be the bar or the bathroom. The bar does lack a lower section for those in wheelchairs to sit, which is my only issue. The bathroom is very wide, spacious and well lit. It also contains two support bars and a lower sink for those in wheelchairs.All of the doors have handles or push bars that are easily accessible and can be opened with minimal effort. All of the tables except for the small sections of booths have very low table heights, making it extremely feasible for guests in wheelchairs to have their pick of where they want to sit. Overall this is an accessibility paradise, with the exception of if you had desires to sit at the bar.

Dining Experience

Wonderful restaurant

Restaurant Entrance Accessibility

Step free or easy ramped entrance

Relatively level grade at entrance

Nearby Accessible Parking

2+ Van accessible parking spaces

Restaurant Overview Accessibility

Many available tables

Wide clearance between tables

Bar Area: mostly high-top tables / stools

Restaurant Bathroom Accessibility

Step free accessible restroom

Wide clearances in restroom

Able to turn WC 360 degrees in restroom stall

Grab bars in restroom stall

Restroom very clean

Additional Details

  • Type of Cuisine:Japenese
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    1 Review for Urban Hibachi Sushi & Grill


    1 Reviews

    Wonderful Experience

    Overall Restaurant Accessibility Rating

    4/ 5

    Restaurant Accessibility Rating

    5/ 5

    Restaurant Bathroom Accessibility Rating

    5/ 5

    Restaurant Dining Accessibility Rating

    4/ 5

    Restaurant Parking Accessibility Rating

    5/ 5

    Great Food prices, excellent service with food too much. Definitely going back soon for the environment, accessibility and food. Only main flaw was the absence of a lower section of the bar for guests in wheelchairs.

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