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Restaurant Overview

The Artist’s Palette features a healthful menu as none of the menu items are fried. Their signature menu items include paninis and flatbreads. The price range for The Artist’s Palette is $10-$15 and is a Quick Service Type Restaurant.

UCF Rosen College of Hospitality Management: Student Accessibility Comments

  • Overall, the Artist Palette is very wheelchair friendly and accommodating. There is a very wide entrance with no steps or steep ridges to hinder entrance to the restaurant. The queue and market area provided very a very spacious environment for wheelchairs to easily maneuver.  The dining room was also very accommodating to space, there was plenty of room between the tables and they were really approachable. There were two wheelchair-friendly stalls in the public restrooms. Both of them were equipped with stable bars, but only one of them was really accommodating with he room for someone to turn 360 degrees. There was plenty of wheelchair-friendly parking, but it was a great distance from the restaurant, which could become tiresome for an individual in a wheelchair. There is no bar featured in the Artist Palette.

Dining Experience

Wonderful restaurant

Restaurant Entrance Accessibility

Step free or easy ramped entrance

Relatively level grade at entrance

Wide doorway entrance

Nearby Accessible Parking

No nearby (2 blocks) accessible parking

Restaurant Overview Accessibility

Step free or easy ramps on main dining level

Many available tables

Wide clearance between tables

Restaurant Bathroom Accessibility

Step free accessible restroom

Wide clearances in restroom

Able to turn WC 360 degrees in restroom stall

Grab bars in restroom stall

Restroom very clean

Additional Details

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