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Panda Express is an Asian restaurant that explores bold Asian flavors and fresh ingredients that are prepared fresh every day. From their world-famous orange chicken to their health-minded wok smart selections, Panda Express defines American Chinese Cuisine. The property is easy to access in the Wheelchair because it has a ramp that leads right up to the restaurant. It is easy to maneuver with the wheelchair in the restaurant because there is a big hallway right down the middle of the restaurant. It is easy to see the restaurant menu when you are in line, but difficult to see the food if you are in a wheelchair, which can make it difficult to decide what to eat. The restroom was wheelchair accessible and had plenty of room to spin around. One of the problems that I encountered was the restroom space was very dirty and needed to be mopped.  

Dining Experience

Just an OK restaurant

Restaurant Entrance Accessibility

Step free or easy ramped entrance

Relatively level grade at entrance

Wide doorway entrance

Nearby Accessible Parking

2+ Van accessible parking spaces

All accessible parking spaces occupied when I arrived

Restaurant Overview Accessibility

Step free or easy ramps on main dining level

Only a few accessible tables

Restaurant Bathroom Accessibility

Step free accessible restroom

Wide clearances in restroom

Able to turn WC 360 degrees in restroom stall

Grab bars in restroom stall

Restroom filthy

Additional Details

  • Type of Cuisine:Asian
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    1 Reviews

    It was an OKAY experience

    Overall Restaurant Accessibility Rating

    3/ 5

    Restaurant Accessibility Rating

    3/ 5

    Restaurant Bathroom Accessibility Rating

    3/ 5

    Restaurant Dining Accessibility Rating

    3/ 5

    Restaurant Parking Accessibility Rating

    3/ 5

    My Panda Express experience was okay. It was very easy getting inside the restaurant with the ramp and a wide door entrance. When I approached the counter to order food it was easy to see the menu above but was very difficult to actually see the food in the buffet. This made is extremely hard to know what I was ordering. The restroom was spacious but very dirty and the floor was wet. The food was not as good as expected the fried rice was a bit dry and the chicken was a bit soggy.

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