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Visit Fort Wayne Visitors Center is located in Downtown Fort Wayne. It has recommendations of places to enjoy while being in Fort Wayne.

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Purdue University Fort Wayne Student Travel Tips

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Visit Fort Wayne Visitors Center

Visit Fort Wayne is Fort Wayne’s visitors center that provides information about the city and a souvenir gift shop as well. Their entrance is a bit sloped, but there is lots of space to maneuver around and the doors had an automatic door opener. The thresholds were all beveled, almost flesh to the ground. They do have a little lobby/sitting area before entering their visitors center and hand sanitizer stationed before the automatic door opener. The visitor center/gift shop is very spacious, all the displays are on wheels and easily moveable. The service counter is 30 inches tall and very wide.

They do have restrooms, which are not public, but can be used if asked. The accessible stall is very spacious and meets all ADA requirements. The sink area is accessible as well: plenty of room underneath the counter, paper towels dispenser is lowered, soap is in a bottle on the counter. The only downside would be that the sink pipes are exposed with nothing covering them.

The only other downside would be the parking, which is hard for both businesses and guests in a downtown city area as there is limited space. There is street parking right outside the building, with one accessible space that is a bit further from the entrance. Other options would be an open lot across the street or a parking garage a block from the property.

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