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Discover Olde Pink wheelchair accessible attractions, things to do, tours and activities for disabled travelers. Read our informative review to learn if The Olde Pink House is wheelchair accessible and wheelchair friendly or if Wheelchair Jimmy recommends this attraction be avoided by travelers in wheelchairs.

Savannah’s Olde Pink House was so named for the beautiful shade of “pink” stucco, which covers its old brick. This Georgian mansion was built in 1771 for James Habersham Jr., one of Savannah’s most important early cotton factors and founding-family members. The lot was originally a land grant from the British Crown. The building is a fine example of colonial architecture, and one of the few buildings to survive the fire of 1796.

The Olde Pink House is one of Savannah’s most popular restaurants, offering new southern cuisine in a sophisticated, yet casual setting. Dine in Savannah’s only 18th Century Mansion, with outdoor dining and live entertainment nightly.

  1. City Attraction Wheelchair Accessible:           Yes
  2. Fully Accessible Entry:                                        Yes: Side Entrance
  3. Accessible Restrooms Onsite:                            Yes
  4. Restrictive Steps:No:                                            Use Elevator

Jim’s Accessibility Comments:

Use side entrance on E. Saint Julian St near Arches Bar where there is an elevator. All 3 levels are accessible via elevator. There is also an accessible restroom. Stay around and have lunch or dinner.