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Discover Queenstown Skyline Gondola wheelchair accessible attractions, things to do, tours and activities for disabled travelers. Read our informative review to learn if the Skyline Gondola Ride is wheelchair accessible and wheelchair friendly or if Wheelchair Jimmy recommends this attraction be avoided by travelers in wheelchairs.

Queenstown  is a resort town in Otago in the south-west of New Zealand’s South Island. It is built around an inlet called Queenstown Bay on Lake Wakatipu, a long thin Z-shaped lake formed by glacial processes, and has spectacular views of nearby mountains such as The Remarkables, Cecil Peak, Walter Peak and just above the town; Ben Lomond and Queenstown Hill.

The Skyline Queenstown complex offers a whole day’s worth of fun things to do in Queenstown! Located an easy five minute walk from central Queenstown, Skyline Queenstown offers awe-inspiring views of the region and an abundance of entertainment and adventure for the whole family.

Take the journey on our iconic Gondola up Bob’s Peak to enjoy award winning cuisine in our scenic Stratosfare Restaurant & Bar, Kiwi Haka Maori culture performances and the Skyline Luge our very own thrilling downhill ride!

  1. City Attraction Wheelchair Accessible:         Yes
  2. Fully Accessible Entry:                                      Yes
  3. Accessible Restrooms Onsite:                          Yes
  4. Restrictive Steps:                                                No restrictive steps

Jim’s Accessibility Comments:

What a beautiful day and we decided to go up the Queenstown Skyline Gondola which is located on Brecon St right in downtown Queenstown. I had some early apprehension about this but I’ve done gondola rides before so I was quickly on board for this. I noticed they even had handicapped parking spaces out front which got me feeling like they had considered wheelchair travelers, and, well, good call, a fabulous experience and reasonably wheelchair accessible.

The gondola operation was very slick. They pull the gondola off the overhead track, give you plenty of time while you transfer onto a smaller, narrow chair. Their personnel then easily load this narrow chair into the gondola. Your wheelchair is then loaded into a separate gondola. You transfer back into your own wheelchair at mountain top.

At the mountain top there’s a spacious outdoor deck, a casual restaurant, a wheelchair accessible restroom and spectacular views of Lake Wakatipu and all of Queenstown and the surrounding area. Wow, this is one of the best views you’ll see in all of New Zealand.

I’ve been on other gondolas where you could stay in your own wheelchair throughout the gondola ride but this gondola car worked well provided you can make the transfer onto their specialty designed aisle chair. I thought their crew really knew how to handle wheelchair travelers and it made the gondola experience very easy and reasonably accessible.

As a side note, at the mountaintop they also offer para-gliding and bungy jumping. The para gliding is Not wheelchair accessible as you must climb approximately 40 yards from the gondola mountain top drop-off, up a steep mountain to the launch area. The Para Glide team will not assist wheelchair users due to the steep mountain grade and need to get running start. If you want to partake of bungy jumping, I would suggest you drive up the road 20 minutes and go to AJ Hacket’s Bungy Jump over the Kawarau River – which is really spectacular and wheelchair accessible.

Overall, this was a fabulous experience and a great way to see all of the Queenstown recreational area and Lake Wakatipu. And it was all reasonably wheelchair accessible.