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Place Pigalle specializes in seasonal menus combining local ingredients with a variety of culinary traditions. The resulting dishes “always have been artful, always entertaining, always fresh…disarmingly successful.”

Wheelchair Accessibility Comments

  • WARNING: Not recommended. Restaurant is not accessible by diners in wheelchairs.
  • WARNING: Multiple steps at entrance.
  • WARNING: No wheelchair accessible restrooms.

Restaurant Entrance Accessibility

2 + Steps at entrance

Restaurant Bathroom Accessibility

NO accessible restroom

Very tight restroom clearance

NOT able to turn WC 360 degrees in stall

Restroom stall NOT accessible

Additional Details

  • WJAR Rating:1
  • Price:$$
  • Type of Cuisine:Regional
  • Neighborhood:Seattle
  • Opentable Reservation:Make a Reservation >
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  • User Rating:4.2