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Wheelchair Jimmy Accessibility Comments

We stayed at this historic Mt. Washington resort (built in 1902) located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire in October 2018 during our New England fall foliage tour, and it is spectacular. And the views during  the fall foliage season are breathtaking. It’s also very wheelchair friendly. There’s an easy ramp at the entrance and there are no restrictive steps on the entire property. The are 5-6 beautiful restaurants and bars, an indoor and gorgeous outdoor pool, a spa and multiple shops, and all are very wheelchair accessible.

Our ADA room (#232) was quite nice, reasonably spacious and very accessible. Bed height was 26 inches. The bathroom was a bit small but totally accessible. I was able to turn my manual wheelchair around 360 degrees, roll under the sink and close the bathroom door. Power wheelchairs may find the bathroom too tight. Interestingly are friends stayed in a regular room #231 (not ADA) and it was “slightly” bigger than our room and the bathroom too was slightly larger. The only difference was our bath tub had grab bars (no attached bench seat) and theirs did not.

The Omni Mt. Washington resort is a huge property but surprisingly there is only one small main elevator which has a door opening of near 28 inches. There is a larger elevator with wider doors (accessible to all) around a corner but bellman often use it for luggage. (Most able-bodied persons use the stairs). There are accessible hotel restrooms on all common area floors.

The property is included in our book  “1,000 Places to See Before You Die” so we really wanted to visit. We were not disappointed although it shows its age at 116 years. That said, it’s a magnificent property with spectacular views and a must visit!

Hotel Overview Accessibility

Step Free Entrance

Wide Doorway Entrance

Relatively Flat Entrance

Common Areas Step Free

Accessible Restroom in Hotel Lobby

Pool Area Accessible (Step Free)

Hotel Guest Room Accessibility

I Booked a WC Accessible Room

Bed Height Accessible (less than 30 inches)

Wide Clearance Around Bed (min 36 inches)

Hotel Bathroom Accessibility

Step Free Access

Wide Clearance to Shower & Toilet (min 36 in)

Dining Accessibility

Accessible Breakfast Room

Accessible Dinner Restaurant and Bar

Parking Accessibility

Valet Parking

Additional Details

  • WJAR Rating:3
  • Hotel Star Rating:4
  • Hotel Quality Star Rating:
  • Total # of Hotel Rooms:200
  • # of W/C Accessible Guestrooms:8
  • # of Rooms with Roll-in Showers:
  • Estimated Price:

1 Review for Omni Mount Washington Resort

Wheelchair Jimmy

81 Reviews

Fabulous Historic Resort

Overall Hotel Accessibility Rating

3/ 5

Hotel Guestroom Accessibility Rating

3/ 5

Hotel Bathroom Accessibility Rating

3/ 5

Hotel Dining Accessibility Rating

3/ 5

Hotel Parking Accessibility Rating

3/ 5

This is a spectacular resort in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, a must see and very wheelchair accessible although the bathrooms might be tight for power wheelchairs.

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