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Discover Houston wheelchair accessible attractions, things to do, city guides, tours and activities for disabled travelers including Houston’s Old Town Historic Pub Tour. Read our informative accessibility reviews and ratings of popular Houston attractions and destinations to learn which attractions are wheelchair accessible and wheelchair friendly, as well as which locations Jim recommends should be avoided by travelers in wheelchairs.

Houston, we have a problem: there are just too many good pubs in our city. Join this Houston tour to visit a bar that doubles as a tailor shop by day, a watering hole in a 1920s watch and jewelry company, and a bar that features the very first electric elevator in Texas. Fun guaranteed, hangovers optional.

City Attraction Wheelchair Accessible:          Depends Where You Visit
Fully Accessible Entry:                                      Depends Where You Visit
Accessible Restrooms Onsite:                          Depends Where You Visit
Restrictive Steps:                                                Depends Where You Visit

Jim’s Accessibility Comments:

WARNING: I spoke with the operator of Houston Historical Brewery Tours and was not encouraged. Houston pub tours cover many establishments and are often spread out around the city or region thus requiring transport. The transport is not wheelchair accessible. The tour guide is basically a designated driver who know the local bar scene, but they are not focused on accessibility. Additionally each pub is is unique and may or may not be accessible, and may not have a wheelchair accessible restroom. These pub tours may be fun but they are clearly not designed for accessibility.