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Restaurant Overview

Ms. Apples Crab Shack is a small restaurant that is home to Brevard Counties finest seafood. Patrons have the option to pick live crabs out of a tank to see cooked in front of them with the patrons choice of spice level. The prices are a bit high, but you get what you pay for in quality. Most guest that choose to eat there grab their food and eat else where, Which is why they do not have a website or have a presence on open table. One thing I found interesting was the fact that most of patrons are local and come by every week. I over heard one conversation between one patron and the cashier that she has been coming every other week for the past 2 years. I believe her, since my own parents have been going since 2011, just not as often as this guest

UCF Rosen College of Hospitality Management: Student Accessibility Comments

  • The accessible parking at the restaurant was very limited. There is a hotel in the same lot that has more accessible spots that I am sure a lot of patrons use. The Bathroom had plenty of space for a wheelchair but it was not very clean. In fact there is sign asking the patrons to tell the staff when it needs to be clean. There is however a very nice ramp going to and from the restroom.The Door ways are quite narrow, and at one entrance there are two doors that one would not have enough room to open alone if in a wheelchair. The walkway to the main entrance also  had a very steep walkway. As far as stairs go, there a couple of small ones outside in the sitting areas, but they are small and potentially easy to get over.

Dining Experience

Wonderful restaurant

Restaurant Entrance Accessibility

Step free or easy ramped entrance

Steep grade at entrance

Wide doorway entrance

Nearby Accessible Parking

1 Van accessible parking space

Restaurant Overview Accessibility

Step free or easy ramps on main dining level

1-2 Steps within restaurant

Many available tables

Wide clearance between tables

Bar Area: mostly high-top tables / stools

Restaurant Bathroom Accessibility

Step free accessible restroom

Wide clearances in restroom

Able to turn WC 360 degrees in restroom stall

Restroom filthy

Additional Details

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