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Wheelchair Jimmy Accessibility Comments:

This was one of the more challenging wheelchair accessible hotels I’ve ever stayed. We stayed here one night in 2011 in order to catch the early ferry from Wales to Waterford Ireland, and there were no other accessible properties within 20 miles.

On a positive note the property was charming and the hosts were wonderfully friendly. Most of the property and rooms were not accessible, however, the owners offer 1 guest room which was wheelchair accessible with a good bed height. The “accessible” bathroom however was unique. Because there was a step up to the sink, they installed a small hydraulic wheelchair lift to make it accessible. I’ve never before seen a WC lift in the actual bathroom. That said, I could independently operate the lift and it worked great. I applaud the owners for making one of there guest house rooms reasonably wheelchair accessible.

Although I don’t remember all the hotel and guest room details, as I recall there was a slight ramp up into the property and perhaps a small “lip” at the door entrance.

The breakfast room was a decent size, very nice and accessible. There is self parking with a slight uphill grade over a reasonably hard small gravel lot.

When you travel to our of way destinations, sometimes things are perfectly accessible, but this “worked” and we had a comfortable stay.

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Wheelchair Jimmy

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Interesting and Accessible Stay in Wales

Overall Hotel Accessibility Rating

3/ 5

Hotel Guestroom Accessibility Rating

3/ 5

Hotel Bathroom Accessibility Rating

3/ 5

Hotel Dining Accessibility Rating

3/ 5

Hotel Parking Accessibility Rating

2/ 5

On our way to catch the ferry to Ireland we found a charming guesthouse in the western most part of Wales. It was very nice, clean and the hosts were so kind. Normally a WJAR 2 due to the accessibility challenges, but a WJAR 3 in this remote part of Wales.

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