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Wheelchair Jimmy Accessibility Comments

We enjoyed a wonderful lobster dinner at Galyn’s in October 2018 on our tour of New England. Galyn’s was recommended to us as one of Bar Harbor’s best seafood /lobster restaurants and it did not disappoint. It’s located along Main St. in town, just 1/2 block up from the waterfront wharf, and is a cozy, multi-room Victorian-era boarding house. The pictures aren’t great, but the restaurant is terrific!

WARNING: Main street in this part of Bar Harbor is somewhat steep, and there is a 10-12 inch step at the entrance followed by a brief landing and then another 10-12 inch step. The main dining room is relatively large with no steps, and there’s lots of room between tables. There is a flight of step to the upstairs dining and bar which is not accessible.

There is a large wheelchair accessible restroom off the main dining room on the 1st floor.

Although I rated Galyn’s a WJAR 2 because of the 2 large steps at the entrance, the seafood is terrific and we loved the atmosphere. Hopefully you won’t let the 2 steps at the entrance stop you from enjoying this wonderful Bar Harbor restaurant.

Dining Experience

Wonderful restaurant

Restaurant Entrance Accessibility

2 + Steps at entrance

Steep grade at entrance

Wide doorway entrance

Nearby Accessible Parking

No nearby (2 blocks) accessible parking

Restaurant Overview Accessibility

Step free or easy ramps on main dining level

Multiple steps to other dining levels

Many available tables

Wide clearance between tables

Restaurant Bathroom Accessibility

Step free accessible restroom

Wide clearances in restroom

Able to turn WC 360 degrees in restroom stall

Restroom very clean

Additional Details

  • WJAR Rating:2
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    1 Review for Galyn’s

    Wheelchair Jimmy

    81 Reviews

    Great Lobster Dinner in Bar Harbor

    Overall Restaurant Accessibility Rating

    2/ 5

    Restaurant Accessibility Rating

    2/ 5

    Restaurant Bathroom Accessibility Rating

    4/ 5

    Restaurant Dining Accessibility Rating

    5/ 5

    Restaurant Parking Accessibility Rating

    2/ 5

    When you get to Bar Harbor don’t miss Galyn’s although getting into the restaurant will require some assistance. But the Lobster is fresh and delicious!

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