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Fort Wayne Electric Works is a mixed use beautifully renovated campus, including shopping, office space, and dining.

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Purdue University Fort Wayne Student Travel Tips

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Visiting Fort Wayne Electric Works

Purdue University Fort Wayne Hospitality Student Travel Tips:

Electric Works is a facility with offices and markets filled with different vendors ranging from food and gift shops. The facility is very spacious and is wheelchair friendly. They have different locations for parking that have accessible parking including several van accessible spots. Their entrances are accessible since there are no stairs or steepness to get through. There is also a button to automatically open the door.

After entering the building, they have a ramp that leads into different food vendors and an elevator that allows people to access open dining areas. Elevator is not too spacious, but the buttons are low. They have plenty of high and low tables. There is also a lot of room in between the tables which makes it easy to move between the aisles. Front counters’ height differs by food vendors. Restrooms are clean and spacious, and have an accessible restroom per floor.

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