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Foellinger-Freimann Botanical Conservatory is located in downtown Fort Wayne, Indiana. It is a beautiful way to spend the day and enjoy plants year-round!

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Purdue University Fort Wayne Student Travel Tips

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Visit to the Foellinger- Freimann Botanical Conservatory

Purdue University Fort Wayne Hospitality Student Travel Tips:

All exterior doors had push-button openers. The lobby was spacious and had tables and chairs that are not stationary. The front desk is all one height measuring at 42” tall. There is two sets of handicap accessible bathrooms, however, they recommend using the one outside of the lobby for easier use. This bathroom has a button opener, knee clearance, a shorter table/bench, plenty of space to turn around in the stall, and lever handles for the sink.

For the doors between the gardens, they are all wheelchair accessible with push-button openers. In the gardens themselves, the paths are made with pavers and are more than 36” wide with little to no obstructions. There are portions of the gardens that are only accessible by stairs, however, around 90-95% of the gardens are visible and accessible by ramp. There are plans in the works to make adaptations to different parts of the gardens to make it easier to access in a wheelchair.

For Parking, they just installed 3 handicap parking spots directly in front of the building as well as one in the back parking lot. There is also street parking which has a pay meter that must be used. If those spots are full, there is a parking garage diagonal from the building. There are both regular and van parking spots available in the garage. The garage is connected to the gardens via skywalk that connects the garage to the Grand Wayne Center, The Embassy, and The Botanical Garden- and you will stay protected from the elements- it is all covered. If you bring your parking ticket with you to the front desk, they will give you a sticker to use to get free parking. There is also an accessible coffee bar in the building and a gift shop as well.

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