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Wheelchair Accessibility Comments

  • Jim’s favorite budget hotel in the Houston Energy corridor. This particular Drury Inn is a great location for wheelchair travelers at a good price. It’s great to find a reasonably priced hotel adjacent to a full service restaurant.
  • Very nice and very wheelchair friendly with 120 total rooms, 6 wheelchair accessible guestrooms and 2 roll-in showers.
  • The front desk stated the roll-in showers have removeable shower seats.
  • Free hot breakfast. Each evening from 5:30 – 7:00 they offer limited  food (which changes each night) ranging from pasta to chicken to hot dogs and a limited bar.
  • Adjacent to Drury is the Tailgate Bar and Grill, a full service restaurant.
  • The are no restrictive steps at the entrance and no restrictive steps on the property.
  • The indoor pool and hot tub are accessible and there’s an ADA pool lift at the pool.
  • Self parking lot with accessible parking spaces.

Hotel Overview Accessibility

Step Free Entrance

Wide Doorway Entrance

Relatively Flat Entrance

Common Areas Step Free

Accessible Restroom in Hotel Lobby

Pool Area Accessible (Step Free)

ADA Pool Lift

Hotel Guest Room Accessibility

I Booked a WC Accessible Room

Wide Clearance Around Bed (min 36 inches)

Hotel Bathroom Accessibility

Step Free Access

Wide Clearance to Shower & Toilet (min 36 in)

RI Shower has Removeable Bath Chair

Dining Accessibility

Accessible Breakfast Room

Parking Accessibility

Self Parking Availability

Additional Details

  • WJAR Rating:3
  • Hotel Star Rating:3
  • Hotel Quality Star Rating:4.3
  • Total # of Hotel Rooms:120
  • # of W/C Accessible Guestrooms:6
  • # of Rooms with Roll-in Showers:2
  • Estimated Price:$110