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In association with the UNLV William F. Harrah College of Hotel Administration

Read our informative review to learn if the Las Vegas Downtown Container Park is wheelchair accessible and wheelchair friendly or if this attraction should be avoided by travelers in wheelchairs.

Attraction Overview: Downtown Container Park is home to seven restaurants and bars with indoor and outdoor seating. Late-night weekend concerts to family-focused seasonal and holiday celebrations, we’ve got entertainment and events for all ages. Downtown Container Park’s retail shopping offers everything from apparel, jewelry, and accessories to art galleries, and home décor. Lastly, Downtown Container Park offers fun family attractions in the interactive play zone

City Attraction Wheelchair Accessible:              Partially

Fully Accessible Entry:                                           Yes

Accessible Restroom Onsite:                                 Yes

Restrictive Steps:                                                      No but Use Small Hydraulic Lift at Restaurants

William F. Harrah College of Hospitality Administration: Student Accessibility Comments:

Downtown Container Park entrance is wheelchair accessible, it has a wide entrance. However there are some cracks on the ground you have to be careful of. There is only one elevator that can be used to access the second and third floor. The elevator is a bit small and there is only one. The pathways on the second and third floor are somewhat narrow so it may be difficult to get through with wider wheelchairs. The restaurants are located on a second platform on the first floor, and there is a ramp and a small hydraulic lift required, however they are located on the other side of where the restaurants are located. The two nearby parking spaces are either across the street from the Container Park or, if full, then the parking garage that’s about 5 minutes away. The bathrooms are wheelchair accessible although the doors are heavy. Travelers will definitely like the attraction but they might just struggle with some aspects of the accessibility.