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In association with the UNLV William F. Harrah College of Hotel Administration

Read our informative review to learn if the Desert Wetlands Park is wheelchair accessible and wheelchair friendly or if this attraction should be avoided by travelers in wheelchairs.

Attraction Overview: The Clark County Desert Wetlands Park is the largest park in the Clark County, Nevada park system. The park is located on the east side of the Las Vegas valley and runs from the various water treatment plants near the natural beginning of the Las Vegas Wash to where the wash flows under Lake Las Vegas and later into Lake Mead.

City Attraction Wheelchair Accessible:              Yes

Fully Accessible Entry:                                           Yes: Steep Ramp; Elevator at Side

Accessible Restroom Onsite:                                 Yes: Take Elevator to 2nd Floor

Restrictive Steps:                                                      No Steps

William F. Harrah College of Hospitality Administration: Student Accessibility Comments:

Upon arrival there is a loading area for attendees with limited mobility. In this area cars are able to drive up to the loading dock and safely and comfortably transfer passengers with limited mobility. After dropping off their passengers, attendees can then park their car at one of the many handicap parking spots on site. There are no stairs on the property. Attendees have the option of walking/wheeling themselves up the ramp that leads to the parks visitor center, restrooms, picnic cafe and administrative buildings. All of these buildings are located one the ‘second’ story. Visitors also have the option of using the elevator, located on the side of the building. Upon observation of the restrooms on site, it appeared that the restrooms were newly renovated, However the restroom did not have automatic handicap door opener, making it slightly difficult to gain access to the restrooms on your own. The handicap stall was plenty spacious and easy to move around in. There was also a rail in the stall, making it easy for transfers from the chair to the toilet. The sinks located in the bathroom were low to the ground, making them accessible for those in a wheelchair. The bathrooms are located on the ‘second’ floor, adjacent to the visitors center. Upon arrival at the visitor’s center we noticed the door ( and all other doors) were equipped with automatic door openers. We were immediately greeted at the door by staff who offered assistance with handicap accessibility throughout the park. The visitors center offers multiple interactive attractions, all accessible except those that involved microscopes. Wetlands park features 6 miles of trails. All trails in the park are paved with cement making them accessible, there are no stairs on these trails.