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Wheelchair Accessibility Comments

  • Very nice downtown Crown Plaza, all with very spacious guestrooms and large accessible bathrooms.
  • I visited 4 guestrooms during my review in early 2018. The acccessible suites on the 34th floor were very large, each with spectacular views of Seattle. There are 3 roll-in showers: Suite 3464 has a well designed attached pull down bench seat with reachable shower controls; Suite 3454 also has an attached pull down bench seat but the shower configuration is a long narrow rectangle which make transferring onto the bench seat difficult; Suite 556 has no shower seat whatsoever.
  • Bed Height in Suites 3464 and 3454 is 28 1/2 inches; Bed Height in Suite 556 is 27 inches.
  • I also visited a regular accessible room (#2557) with a tub shower; Bed Height is 26 inches. A very accessible guestroom and large bathroom.
  • All beds will accommodate a Hoyer Lift.
  • The breakfast dining room is accessible with about 50% of tables being accessible; there are several booths that are not accessible due to a double post between the seats.
  • WARNING: Main dinner dining room is up several steps: they offer a small WC hydraulic lift for accessibility to the dining room and the bartender keeps the key to operate it. There are 2-3 accessible dinner dining tables without having to use the lift.
  • WARNING: The hotel is located at 6th and Seneca: there is a reasonably steep hill if rolling into downtown Seattle, and a VERY steep hill if rolling toward the waterfront.
  • WARNING: Valet parking only and the valet will not park vans with hand controls.
  • The hotel is very nice and accessible but the location is not very good for those in wheelchairs looking to roll around Seattle.

Hotel Overview Accessibility

Step Free Entrance

Wide Doorway Entrance

Relatively Flat Entrance

Accessible Restroom in Hotel Lobby

Hotel Guest Room Accessibility

I Booked a WC Accessible Room

Bed Height Accessible (less than 30 inches)

Wide Clearance Around Bed (min 36 inches)

Bed Can Accommodate Hoyer Lift

Hotel Bathroom Accessibility

Step Free Access

Wide Clearance to Shower & Toilet (min 36 in)

RI Shower has Pull-Down Bench Seat

RI Shower Controls Reachable from Bench Seat

Dining Accessibility

Accessible Breakfast Room

Accessible Dinner Restaurant and Bar

Parking Accessibility

Valet Parking


Small Hydraulic WC Lift Needed to Access Dining/Other

Additional Details

  • WJAR Rating:3
  • Hotel Star Rating:4
  • Hotel Quality Star Rating:4.2
  • Total # of Hotel Rooms:
  • # of W/C Accessible Guestrooms:11
  • # of Rooms with Roll-in Showers:3
  • Estimated Price:199