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Wheelchair Accessibility Comments

  • The Claremont is a magnificent historical hotel located in a beautiful area of Berkeley CA and it’s very wheelchair accessible, although there are a couple of challenges you should note. I love these old historical properties and would gladly come back to the Claremont.
  • There are a total of 276 rooms, 10 wheelchair accessible guestrooms and 2 roll-in showers.
  • Easy entry no steps. Valet and self park are available.
  • Everything at the Claremont is spacious and accessible. The breakfast room, several restaurants and bars are beautiful and all fully accessible and very spacious. There are some high table tops but mostly café level accessible tables. That said, the Claremont is set on a huge property and there may well be some areas that are not accessible. We stayed for a couple days and everywhere we went was accessible.
  • When we visited in February 2017 our room #358 was very spacious and accessible.
  • WARNING: bed height is 30 inches. I had box springs removed before I entered but then the bed was 10 inches lower and was again hard to transfer up to the wheelchair.
  • WARNING: The shower in our room had a glass door which swung open and had a step down which was not accessible for me. But the bathroom itself was very nice and spacious.
  • All ADA rooms are in the Spa Wing. You’ll take the lobby elevator down 1 level (the elevator is narrow at 30 inches), then you’ll take another elevator up to floors 1-3. There is a long hallway on thick carpet but it’s very accessible.
  • WARNING: Elevator is narrow at 30 inches.
  • There were several large wheelchair accessible restrooms off the main lobby and restaurants.

Hotel Overview Accessibility

Step Free Entrance

Wide Doorway Entrance

Relatively Flat Entrance

Common Areas Step Free

Accessible Restroom in Hotel Lobby

Hotel Guest Room Accessibility

I Booked a WC Accessible Room

Bed Height NOT Accessible (30 inches or higher)

Wide Clearance Around Bed (min 36 inches)

Hotel Bathroom Accessibility

Step Free Access

Wide Clearance to Shower & Toilet (min 36 in)

Dining Accessibility

Accessible Breakfast Room

Accessible Dinner Restaurant and Bar

Parking Accessibility

Self Parking Availability

Valet Parking

Additional Details

  • WJAR Rating:3
  • Hotel Star Rating:5
  • Hotel Quality Star Rating:4.2
  • Total # of Hotel Rooms:
  • # of W/C Accessible Guestrooms:10
  • # of Rooms with Roll-in Showers:2
  • Estimated Price:$439