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Wheelchair Accessibility Comments

  • Many steps in hotel but these are often (not always) ramped (See Pictures).
  • WARNING: Must use small hydraulic lift from casino to access one of the shopping corridors. You must use the attached phone and call for someone to come and operate the wheelchair lift (See Picture).
  • WARNING: From the main entrance I couldn’t get to the Conference Rooms. There were 4 escalators and no nearby elevators (I searched and even asked assistance – See Picture)).
  • Casino game tables were at normal height and reasonably accessible but none were specifically lowered for wheelchairs.
  • Slot machines all had heavy metal seats which were removable – but they are really heavy (See Picture).
  • Common area hotel restrooms are older but have been made wheelchair accessible.
  • Casino, restaurant and retail are generally accessible, but not my favorite.
  • Not my favorite casino – thick carpets and very smoky.