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Wheelchair Jimmy Accessibility Comments

During our October 2018 tour of New England, we stopped at the Bleacher Bar inside Fenway Park for lunch and a beer and had a great time! I’ve always wanted to tour Fenway and we stopped just prior to the start of the World Series. Surprisingly, they had done a good job of making the bar wheelchair friendly although I’m sure it was a challenge.

You enter through a side door (to avoid multiple steps) which was totally covered with boxes when we arrived, but they pleasantly moved everything for me to enter and gain access to their small hydraulic wheelchair lift which looked as old as Fenway. But what the hell, it’s historic. The downstairs bar is actually quite large and sits overlooking left center field, just under the Green Monster. There’s a “2-way mirror” for bar patrons to see onto the field but players cannot see into the bar. How cool is that! The food and drink were great, the service extremely friendly and the atmosphere fun and vibrant!

There were a combination of cafe level tables, high tops and bar stools, and a few tables located at the mirrored window down 2-3 steps. So probably 50% of the tables were accessible. The restroom is reasonably large, fully wheelchair accessible, and the men’s restroom was located back up the small hydraulic WC lift on street level. Parking is not good around Fenway as you might image, especially in this very old neighborhood, but there were a couple poorly marked handicapped spaces along the side street so bring your disabled parking placard and maybe you’ll get lucky.

On the WJAR index the Bleacher Bar would normally get a WJAR 2 due to the small hydraulic lift, but this place is a real memory and I want you all to visit, so I’m giving it a WJAR 3. What a fun couple hours! A real memory which I highly recommend – before it crumbles to the ground!

Dining Experience

Just an OK restaurant

Restaurant Entrance Accessibility

2 + Steps at entrance

Use side door for step free entry

Relatively level grade at entrance

Wide doorway entrance

Nearby Accessible Parking

No nearby (2 blocks) accessible parking

Restaurant Overview Accessibility

1-2 Steps within restaurant

Only a few accessible tables

Bar Area: reasonably accessible

Wide clearance between tables

Small Hydraulic WC Lifts

Small hydraulic WC lift needed to enter restaurant

Small hydraulic WC lift needed to access restroom

WC lift requires 3rd party key to operate

Restaurant Bathroom Accessibility

Step free accessible restroom

Wide clearances in restroom

Able to turn WC 360 degrees in restroom stall

Restroom reasonably clean

Additional Details

  • WJAR Rating:3
  • Price:$
  • Type of Cuisine:Tavern/Bar
  • Neighborhood:Fenway Park
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  • User Rating:4.4

1 Review for Bleacher Bar

Wheelchair Jimmy

81 Reviews

The Historic Fenway Bleacher Bar is Very Cool!

Overall Restaurant Accessibility Rating

3/ 5

Restaurant Accessibility Rating

3/ 5

Restaurant Bathroom Accessibility Rating

3/ 5

Restaurant Dining Accessibility Rating

3/ 5

Restaurant Parking Accessibility Rating

2/ 5

If you get to Boston and want to spend a couple memorable hours, visit the Bleacher Bar under Fenway’s Green Monster. It’s accessible and a really festive experience!

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