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Is Bisbee AZ Handicap Accessible?

Wheelchair Jimmy Comments

Founded in 1880 the old mining town of Bisbee AZ is built into the side of a mountain. The streets are narrow, wind around town and many are one-way. Many of the streets are quite steep although the grade on Main Street is “reasonably” level. I was able to reasonably easily roll-around the downtown area during our March 2019 visit. There are steps into many of the cute stores and antique shops but many are fully accessible.

The Bisbee Museum is great and accessible although you’ll have to enter through a side door which they keep locked. So someone needs to first check-in at the from desk. Spend an hour and you’ll really start to understand the fascinating history of Bisbee and copper mining (I added a few pictures). Highly recommended!

The large Mercantile building contains many shops, the nice Table Restaurant (See my review) which we ate at and a fresh brewed coffee shop. Everything is level and there’s a public restroom on the 2nd level which is accessible via large commercial elevator.

I’m told the Roka Restaurant is the best in town (closed during our visit), and the 1902 Restaurant in the Copper Queen Hotel (See my review) was wonderful.

We really enjoyed this historic old mining own although accessibility is not optimum due to the steep street, steps and very old buildings. But it’s a really fun place top visit and I’m glad we spent a weekend here. BTW, you should also consider visiting historic Tombstone which is just 30 minutes north, although it’s certainly geared tourists.

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